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Throughout the franchise’s period in Montreal, the Montreal Expos retired 3 numbers in honor of 4 players, plus Jackie Robinson’s number 42 which was retired throughout all Major League Baseball in 1997. Complying with the move to Washington, D.C., the numbers were gone back to circulation and continued to be being used at least through the conclusion of the 2011 season, although the “Team Rating” part of the Nationals’ website continues to refer to the numbers as “retired.” After the Expos’ departure from Montreal, the Canadiens put up a banner in Alarm Centre honoring the Expos’ retired numbers.

Pete had a banner year, gathering his 3,000 appeal May 5, versus Steve Rogers of the Montreal Expos. This period Rose made a run at Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game smash hit touch. Pete failed and his hit streak ended at 44 games.

The 1981 Montreal Expos made it to the postseason for the first time in franchise business record (the only time while the franchise was in Montreal, and the only time in franchise past till 2012). The period was separated in to two one-halfs due to the 1981 Big league Baseball strike.


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The group understood formerly as The Montreal Expos. They had a respectable past when they resided in our next-door neighbor to the north. Right here in the States they are simply starting. And exactly what a beginning they are off to. Already is now, and that was after that. So, on to the list.

During 2010, the Nationals developed a “Band of Honor” at Nationals Park to recognize Hall of Fame participants from the Washington Nationals, Washington Senators, Homestead Grays, and Montreal Expos. The wedding band includes the labels of previous retired-number honorees Carter and Dawson.

Reliever Jeff Reardon started his job with the Nyc Mets, but really arrived at his own after being traded to the Montreal Expos (the Nationals.

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