Keyword Tools


Choosing and using the right set of keywords to promote your website requires a great deal of thought.

How can you predict what someone will type into a search box when looking for the products or services that you provide?


Google provides you with a tool that analyses millions of searches that have been made and then gives you a list of the most popular terms.  Seemingly invaluable, this kind of keyword discovery tool might be of use to you.  See later why I say ‘seemingly invaluable’.

There are other such tools available, some that are costly and others inexpensive.  If you search Google for ‘keyword discovery tool’ you will be presented with 18.8 million results.  I did say that there were others available didn’t I?

Just imagine then, a proportion of these automated keyword research tools are always working at any given time night and day.  What are they doing?  Conducting searches on the internet using specific keywords and phrases.  Creating a lot of fluff!

Now we come to my ‘seemingly invaluable’ comment.  Some of you are ahead of me now.  Of course, all of those millions of searches are adding to the statistics and they are searches where people are not actually searching for anything that they need, just looking for other websites using the same set of keywords for SEO purposes so that they can present a set of figures to you.

In addition to that, there are thousands (if not millions) of searches going on where a person is merely looking to see how her own website is performing.

Use the Google keyword discovery tool with those points in mind and you might get some small benefit from it, but add a pinch of salt!