Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Top Rankings. [ What is top position? ]

There is really no such thing as top 10 position for a web page – why? because the same web page can rank number one when searching for ‘apples’ but also have a ranking of 1000 for ‘oranges’.  It can also rank top in Google for a given set of keywords and nowhere in Yahoo, or vice-versa.
So what do I mean when I say that I can get your web page highly placed?

I carry out optimization for keyword terms “example: Michigan SEO Company that are most likely to be used in a query relevant to your product or service. One of the necessary preliminaries to being optimized for high search position is working out what people will type in when they want to find you. So I adjust your page accordingly.

One of the top companies like best motivational speakers is first choice for people to learn business tactics.

“We bring Results Not Excuses.” [ 100% Guarantee! ]

This motto reflects the attitude our Michigan SEO experts take towards the optimization of each and every website we work on. From helping you choose the best keyword targets to see your website among the top positions on the major search engines, we’ll work with you to maximize your return on investment from our SEO Michigan services.

“If you don’t see results, we don’t see money, and we’ve seen more than enough income!” – https://bighatstore.com/

“We have been top ranking for many of our keywords since we have been part of this agency. “Cadence Physical Therapy”

How confident are we that we can attain top rankings for your website through ethical search engine optimization just like our one of the client Strong Arm5 using its top ranking keyword Best Portable Drill Press or like Hempsure using CDB Oil. Confidence is enough to offer a 100% money back guarantee on our services.

We are business people too, and like you, we understand that every investment must produce results for your company. Whether that money is being spent on additional sales staff, new equipment, or on attaining high search engine positioning by hiring a professional SEO firm; that investment must generate revenue higher than its cost in order to be considered worthwhile.

Our Services

Every website is different and has different requirements. Similarly, every business owner operates their business in a different environment and thus requires different Michigan SEO services.

You may have a small bed & breakfast targeting low competition keywords and just want to maximize your profits during tourist season or you may have a major online pharmacy competing for some of the most competitive phrases online today.

Only one type of search engine optimization service could not cover all the various needs of our clients.

For this reason we have developed several Michigan SEO services, each one of them customizable to the individual needs of your website and your business.

Please choose which type of package you believe would best suit your need


While our clients consider all our Affordable SEO services excellent value for the money – for some, our guaranteed packages are just a little more than they can afford or need. To this end, we have developed a set of guaranteed SEO packages for YouTube Videos or Google Pages.


If you operate a large website with ongoing additions and/or modifications and want to be able to do your own search engine optimization then our consulting services are where you will see the greatest value for your money.

With our consulting services you will get everything from a complete evaluation of your website, your top competition, right down to the education on how to rank your website well on the search engines and increase the number of targeted phrases as additional content is added to your site.


For those interested in receiving SEO training or having their web development or IT staff trained in SEO we offer these services.

Our SEO training services are divided into three main categories:

  • On-site training
  • Conference & Multiple-company training

These services provide everything that you will need to not just get your website to the top of the rankings but to keep it there.